2 Easy Ways to Write Business Emails

Writing business emails warrants both language skills as well as business knowledge. This articles aims to provide you 2 essential facts that will empower you with the capability to write effective business emails.


Here are the 2 easy ways to write business email effectively:

  1. Subject line:In today’s web world, one is loaded with numerous emails in their inbox. One hardly finds time to read all of the emails that he/she receives. A business email to a potential client or a business associate cannot afford to get unread by the recipients. What makes an email to be opened and read is its subject line.

The subject line must be attention grabbing and it should be simple and short. A good subject line is usually formed from a summary of your message. A 6-8-word summary of your email will easily result in an effective subject line, assisting the readers to make decisions.

Examples of some not so good subject lines are:

  • A conference
  • A printer
  • On its way

The above subject lines are very generic and incomplete. They can be written as:

  • Invitation to the conference on 10/5
  • Replacement of faulty printer
  • Your parcel will arrive on 10/11

The second easy way to write effective business emails to make them really crisp and short.

  1. Make it concise:The email length can be up to five or six sentences. If you can script such a short email with all the necessary details required to be communicated, you can excel in business content writing jobs.

By using simple sentences and carefully avoiding complex and compound sentences as much as possible, you can make your business emails truly concise. A short email with only the necessary details and free from any unwanted, off-topic information will really help freelance business content writers to excel in their profession.


This goal of writing concise emails can be achieved by reading aloud what you wrote. Business content writers should read aloud what they wrote and be prepared to do harsh editing by eliminating the unnecessary words and phrases.

Another important aspect of business emails is that they should be actionable.

Example of an email to a colleague:

Subject line: Marketing Analysis Data Required

Dear Smith,

I am working on a report for our client ABC inc. And I need the data about the marketing analysis that you conducted recently. As this report is crucial for us to conclude the proposed deal with ABC inc, requesting you send the relevant figures/data.

Best Regards,


By applying the simple but effective ideas presented here in this article, the business content writing jobs can be performed effectively.