A Guide to Outdoor Advertising Techniques

When it comes to advertising a small business, there are lots of things to consider and arguably the most important is to ensure that the budget doesn’t get blown on useless adverts. There are all kinds of advertising channels that can be used to market a business including television, radio, the internet, magazines and newspapers and while all of these are effective; there are also some ways to advertise your business that you might never have thought of before.

Petrol Nozzles

Finding a unique way to advertise a brand is a great way to help you to get noticed and placing adverts outdoors is a tactic that works really well. Great outdoor advertising – a petrol nozzle campaign is an unbelievably brilliant way to advertise a brand and below are a few of the reasons why it is proving to be a lucrative way to spend an advertising budget:

  • Your advert will be in people’s hands for around two-three minutes at a time
  • There is nothing else for people to do while filling up a tank of petrol other than read your advert
  • You can reach out to a large audience base of thousands of people a week
  • Your advert will be remembered, as unique forms of advertising always get people talking

Adverts placed on petrol nozzles are unique and therefore memorable and they are also a cost effective way to advertise, making it the perfect option for small and medium sized businesses looking to grow.

Event Sponsorship

If there is a local event about to take place, then why not take advantage and put some adverts up? Anything from a village fun-run or boat race to a cricket match can be great ways to get people talking about your business and even children’s football matches will get a lot of attention from parents, so put up a few banners or set up a stall and let people know about your brand.

Freebies& Giveaways

Giving away freebies and prizes is a great way to generate publicity for a brand and you can do this while people are shopping in a local market or at a car boot sale on a Sunday morning.

In a Taxi

While the advert is technically inside a taxi, this is a great way to advertise a brand outside of a traditional channel such as a newspaper and here’s why:

  • Lots of people use taxis, making your advert visible to a wide audience
  • Travelling in a taxi is usually fairly boring, meaning people are looking for things to read as a distraction
  • Taxis transport local people and visitors, allowing you to broaden your target audience with one advert

There are lots of unique ways to advertise a business and taking advantage of the great outdoors to boost your brand awareness can be a good way to get your message out, from using outdoor steps and the back of lorries to shopping carts and buses.