Different types of turkey calls

Moving for hunting is the most challenging task. The hunters must be well prepared with all the aspects which can pay way for successful hunting. It is to be noted that there are many hunting gears in the market which can be used for hassle free hunting. The turkey calls are one of the best companions for the hunters. Through the turkey calls, the hunters can easily imitate different animals and can make their hunting more interesting. While considering the turkey calls, there are different types of turkey calls which are widely available in the market. People who are buying the turkey calls for the first time must be aware of these types in order to choose the best for their hunting. Some different types of turkey calls are discussed as follows.

Push button calls

This type of calls will be the right option for the people who are learning to use the turkey calls. As their design is very simple, anyone can learn it quickly and easily. As the name indicates, this type of turkey calls isfunctioned through pushing and pulling. Since the mechanism is quite easily, the beginners in hunting can make use of it without any constraint. With this turkey call, realistic sound can be created easily without putting forth more effort. The most important thing to be noted is this type of turkey call will not sound better when they are exposed to water or humidity. People who are about to use this turkey call should make note of this factor to a greater extent.

Box calls

Like push button calls, the box calls are also very easy to use. With the box calls many ranges of sounds can be created easily. The sound can be changed by bringing changes in the paddle. This can be effectively used for long distances. In most cases the box calls are made out of wood and this is also considered to be the traditional model of turkey calls. Since they are made out of wood, they must be handled more carefully in rain and in winter season. However, there are many companies which havelaunched the weatherproof boxes which can be used for any kind of season. The only drawback of this call is they must be handled with two hands. Hence the hunter may have some hassle while concentrating on hunting.

Diaphragm calls

These calls are also commonly called as mouth calls. People who are using it for the first time may have difficulties in using them. However, they are the easiest one to operate if the users tend to learn about its functioning. The most fortunate thing about the diaphragm calls is they are considered to be weatherproof calls and hence they can also be used in winter/ raining seasons without any constraint. Many experienced hunters have also felt it worthy enough to buy.

Apart from these, there are several other types which include wing bone calls, camo glove calls, slate calls and many. The hunters can feel free to use best turkey call according to their comfort.