Scaffold Towers for Sale

Whether you’re doing professional painting work or building restoration or construction, a scaffold tower can often come in handy and offers a whole host of advantages over a ladder. On a scaffold, there’s room for tools and things like paint so that you needn’t worry about proper storage space for those. Additionally a scaffold will offer superior stability over a ladder and you can move around on it, so there’s the added benefits of both safety and practicality. Depending on your budget and requirements, there are an array of different scaffold towers for sale and you should consider what your needs are rather than just going for the first one that you run across.

There are several things to look for in scaffold towers for sale – whether you’re going for a new or used one, and what type you need for the work you’ll be doing and your specific requirements. Some scaffold towers are simply a bunch of steel tubing which fits together to form a scaffold, while others come pre-assembled and some even come with features like wheels so that you can move them around as needed. There are also telescoping designs so that you can more easily adjust the height as required, and these tend to be much faster to assemble than traditional designs. Most designs are designed for use on a flat surface, but if you’re going to be doing work in a stairwell then you’ll need a proper scaffold for that purpose so that it doesn’t collapse or fall over while someone is trying to stand and work on it – such a catastrophic failure could have dire consequences for both workers and bystanders.
Some scaffold towers have additional supports so that if the person working on it moves to one side or the other, the tower will not topple due to offset balance. This is an important safety feature, but comes with drawbacks like increased costs and space requirements. If you get a do-it-yourself setup, you can choose whether or not to add these additional support structures as you see fit – something which you can change from site to site. Other considerations when looking at scaffold towers for sale include determining whether it’s heavy enough for your use cases and the actual size of the scaffold tower. All in all, there are a lot of considerations to make when your business requires a scaffold tower.