Trends in Business Travel Productivity

In spite of uncertainties in the global economy, business travel continues to increase. The Global Business Travel Association reported a record-breaking $1.2 trillion USD in global business travel in 2015. Although email, video conferencing and other technologies have made it easier to conduct business remotely, they have not replaced the business travel’s face-to-face contact. This continuing trend has put pressure on businesses to find ways for teams to collaborate while travelling.


The growing focus on international business opportunities within a global economy have kept business travel on the rise. With companies spanning multiple countries, it’s no wonder travelling for business continues to be a necessity.

New Technologies for Today’s Business Travellers

Smartphone apps, AirBNB, Uber, and other services have all had an impact on how and where business travellers get around. Meanwhile, online tracking of reward programs has made it easier for hotels and airlines to retain return travel business.

Internationally, the availability of high speed WiFi has become expected in hotels, rental homes, and even restaurants and airports, while widespread internet access has made keeping in touch by email and other communication apps and services an everyday part of our lives. But were it down to email and apps alone, of course, maintaining operational fluidity would still be highly problematic.

Businesses, then, continue to work on refining their business practices to effectively manage the enormous amount of information and documents flowing between individuals and teams. Cloud-based systems are providing document management and storage to keep business travellers up to date with access at their fingertips to the documents they need. By refining task management planning and tracking for major projects, businesses are streamlining their processes while ensuring they successfully meet every establish milestone. This has become increasing critical in publicly-traded companies where the missing of a single project milestone could negatively impact share prices.

Business Travel Trends in 2017

The growth in business travel is expected to continue and reach annual expenditures of $1.6 trillion USD by 2020. While the availability of online check-in systems and streamlined booking processes will simplify life for business travellers. For businesses, cloud-based solutions are forecasted to continue to expand their role with business travellers.