Whether you are a FTSE company or a small business, consider using video production services to create a stylish corporate video

If you have decided to create a corporate video, you have made the right choice. Video is one of the most powerful ways of imparting your brand, message or product. With the right production company, you can create a video which is compelling, clear and effective.

Hiring an expert service is the only way to go for making your video. An amateurish video will not do, it is essential that it looks slick, from how it is filmed to how it is put together in post-production. Your customers need to know that you can do the job, so having a video which emanates your values and professionalism is key.

A professional, powerful video

With video, you can explain who you are and what you do. If you have a particular product you are launching, you can showcase it. If you want to showcase your entire business and what potential clients can gain from working with you, you can. Video has a vast number of benefits and can be used for a range of purposes.

Video is powerful because it speaks to people in a number of ways. Images are always more memorable than text, making video a leader in this area. Equally, how you use music and sound is vital as the right score can perfectly underpin your message. Finally, working with video production services to tell your story is the most powerful aspect of all. Story is something we all understand, and putting across the journey of how working with you will benefit customers’ lives is a certain way to engage more people.

Stay under budget

When you work with the right production company, you can work on your terms. You give them the brief of what you want to achieve, whether it is an advert or an explainer video. You also make it clear what you want it to look like and how long the video should be. Importantly, you will agree a budget with the service.

Budget is a crucial element of investing in a video, as you want to ensure that you get the greatest possible return on your investment. Fortunately, slick corporate videos can be made for a reasonable budget, and when you work with a top company, your video will certainly pay off in the long term.

Live action or animation

One important decision to make when creating a corporate video is whether you want to create a live action video with real people and places, or an animation. Both have different pros and cons. Live action is a brilliant choice as we all respond to real people better, and seeing facial expressions and body language is powerful in video. Animations are ideal for explaining ideas and using colour to reinforce your brand image.