Your Top Questions on Size, Setup, and Design on Roller Banners Answered

If you have ever visited a trade show or exhibition – or even just a simple market day or other outdoor or indoor event – you may have noticed quite a few banners placed about. The fact of the matter is that banners are still as popular as they were a decade ago, and, truth be told, they will never go out of style for the simple reason that they are budget-friendly, effective, informative, and offer a good return on your investment.

But banners come in different sizes, materials, and designs, and you need to know what to expect before you end up having roller banners, exhibition stands, pull up banners, or display stands which aren’t what you are looking for. So what should you know about banners, especially in regards to size, setup, and design? Here, your top questions are answered.


Banner sizes vary, but the standard size offered by most banner printing services would be 800mm by 2000mm – the banner is 800mm in width and 2000mm in height. Another common banner size would be 850mm by 2000mm, but other sizes include widths of 600mm to 1 metre, and heights of up to 2150mm (usually found on premium roller banners). You can also opt for wider-sized banners of up to 2000mm, referred to as wide roller banners.

Aside from size, you can also choose to have double-sided roller banners with printing on both sides, special X banners for indoor use, and even mini roller banners to be placed on desktops.


To assemble your roller banner, you need only a few minutes. The first step is to take the banner out of the carry case. Next, open the banner stand’s feet and make sure the base is perpendicularly arranged. Let the unit stand alone so you can see how steady it is. Then take the pole and other elements and put them together so you end up with one longer pole. Once done, feed the pole’s bottom through a hole in the back of the banner. Once the pole reaches the end of the unit’s bottom, there should be an audible click. Afterwards, grab the rail on the printed graphic, place your foot on the base, and lift the printed graphic to fit through the element at the top of the pole.

Designing your banner

There are also some simple rules you should follow when designing your roller banner. One of these is to make sure that the most important elements or message you would like to impart can be understood in five seconds – or less. Another rule would be to make sure that you have a clear objective when designing your banner. What is its purpose? Is it to promote a product, create awareness or exposure, or get sales? Also, remember this: keep it simple. With roller banners, less is often more.