5 Benefits of Electronic Document Scanning and Storage

Although the promised paperless office has yet to come to fruition, you can still reduce the amount of paper in your office by having documents scanned and stored electronically. Some companies have to keep copies of records on file for several years, but if they don’t have the room to store paper files, they can maintain them as electronic files. Here are five of the main benefits that stem from using document scanning for your business.

Reduce Office Clutter

Companies that have been in business for several decades usually have file drawers and storage boxes stuffed with paper files. These files can overflow from storage rooms into your offices, and the resulting mess can be distracting for employees and visitors alike. In addition, filing cabinets, old file boxes, and stacks of paper attract dust, which can trigger allergic reactions and increase absenteeism rates.

Preserves Important Documents

Over time, ink fades until it is barely legible and paper dries out and yellows, which can make documents hard to decipher. By having paper files scanned, it preserves important documents so that they can be quickly accessed and are always readable. Various businesses turn to document scanning companies if they are required to maintain records for certain periods of time, because they are easier to maintain in electronic form.

Offers Better Organisation

Unless you have someone in charge of archiving files, having several filing cabinets and file boxes in storage can make it difficult to find older documents when they are needed. However, if your documents are electronically scanned, they will be much easier to find. You will be able to search for documents by file name, file number, or by doing a specified word search.

Easier Access to Files

Nowadays when documents are scanned, they are usually stored in the cloud instead of on CDs or a hard drive. This makes them much more accessible because you can pull them up on any computer anywhere in the world, so long as you have a functioning Internet connection. Your documents can be easily shared with colleagues in another office or you can work on them at home by accessing them through a laptop or your home computer. In addition, they can be easily backed up onto other media, such as CDs, jump drives, or other external storage devices.

Better Document Security

When files are scanned, you have better file management options and can limit access to only certain personnel. This means that someone sneaking into a storage room cannot dig through business and/or customer financial records, because document access is more easily controlled. Also, if there is a natural disaster in your area, you don’t have to worry about losing important documents in floods or fires, because they are electronically stored in a separate location.

When files and documents are stored electronically, they are safe from theft and accidents, which allows you to continue servicing your customers as if nothing even happened. They are also more accessible because they are stored in the cloud, so authorised personnel can pull up documents on any computer, from any location.