A review of Windstream Business Services

You’ll find that many people looking for businesses to own from the comfort of their homes are interested in the new technology. Their interested in companies like Windstream Communications that deal with Internet, phone, and digital television access. This new company whose headquarters are in Little Rock, Arkansas isn’t really new at all.

They have actually been around since 1943, then called the Allied Telephone Company. As years passed and the company became bigger, they merged with Mid-Continent Telephone Company of Ohio, forming Alltel in 1983. By 2005, Alltel announces it will merge with a company called VALOR Communications Group, making a spin off business in 2006 from the two companies called Windstream Corporation.

Today Windstream has over seven thousand, five hundred employees building $3. 3 billion in revenue over the course of a year. As of 2007, they occupied over 3. 2 million access lines covering 16 states. Then of course, for all you doubters, they do trade on the New York Stock exchange. There symbol for the NYSE is WIN.

With the united states going strictly to digital television companies like Windstream, they will have a profitable 2008 campaign like never before. Although this is not even scratching the surface of what the company offers, it’s a section that will bring in substantial amounts of money. This lets you know that if they are not in your area now, they will be in the future.

After doing research on their website, Windstream could be proclaimed as the alternative to your local cable or telephone company, offering the same things for less that could help many families cut back on costs. If your don’t see your state on the list, send them a message and find out how long it will be before your area can be covered.

As of now, the only states covered are Texas, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Ohio, North Carolina, New york, New Mexico, Nebraska, Missouri, Mississippi, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, and Alabama. If enough people are inquiring about a particular area, that will spark interest for Windstream to help people there.

As big as Windstream is, there is no surprise that they don’t just handle residential clients, but also any sized business. Interestingly enough, they allow you to choose which Internet speed you would like to go along with that monthly package, reaching up to speeds that are fast you can upload pictures within a second.

Internet access is just a small portion of the company. Add in phone sales, security suites, equipment and other services, which gives you the feeling if you ever need new technology products for these areas, this is where you go. Since digital TV is a big topic for $30 a month, you can watch everything you do now and not have to worry about purchasing a separate converter for your analog broadcast television.

So how much does doing business with a company as touted as Windstream cost? If you wish just to get Internet its $19. 99 a month. Adding other services obviously will cost more, but will also have a discount, costing less than most of your current providers for the same types of products. When you get a chance, just go over and see if they reach your area. It’s well worth looking into.