Froyo Vs. Ice Cream: Choosing a Viable Business

Frozen Yogurt franchises have sprung up in the past five years due to an increased interest in healthier living. It is interesting to note the reasoning behind the assumption of frozen yogurt’s health benefits. Natural yogurt does have some health benefits such as live probiotic substances that help digestion. When frozen yogurt first came on the market in the 1980s it was as a healthier alternative to ice cream.

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Ice cream franchises did take a hit when frozen yogurt franchises first came on the scene. The reason was that most consumers thought that they were selecting a healthier alternative. Fortunately or unfortunately for the frozen yogurt industry, health studies concluded that frozen yogurt really wasn’t the healthy alternative. For many ice cream lovers, this was sweet vindication for sticking with ice cream. Ice cream franchises weathered the frozen yogurt “storm” by offering frozen yogurt as part of their menus, by changing up how they served their sweet treats and allowing customers to choose their own menu.

The Pitfalls

For both frozen yogurt and ice cream franchises there are a few pitfalls to consider to making a viable business. Frozen treats are popular during the summer months and not so much at other times of the year. You have to worry about frozen yogurt cups, ice cream cups, plastic yogurt spoons, ice cream spoons, frozen yogurt supplies and ice cream supplies. You also need to consider your workforce. These expenses can add up to a lot of money.