Great news: Employee job satisfaction has hit a 10 year high

But of course, this good news comes with some bad news. While job satisfaction is up, it is still under 50 percent for American workers.

Employee satisfaction is one of the most important aspects of your business. After all, your employees are the ones who make sure your company runs smoothly.

If they are happy and satisfied at work, they will be more productive. And having a team of happy and productive workers is the best way to attract and retain clients.

But wait. Make my employees happy? How am I supposed to do that? I am a business owner, not a psychologist!

If similar thoughts are running through your head right now, don’t worry. Boosting employee satisfaction is not an overnight process, but it’s easier than you think.

Keep reading to learn the best techniques for boosting employee satisfaction.
1. Reward
Everyone loves being recognized for a job well done.

However, there is a key to giving rewards that many employers are missing.

Instead of devising a rewards scheme on your own, talk to your employees. Figure out what they find to be enticing. Your employees will be much likely to work harder for rewards they actually want to win. Not to mention, they will greatly appreciate their opinions being taken into consideration.
2. Be a Mentor
Micromanaging, yelling, condescending comments, and public shaming.

These are all behaviors that employees hate to see in a boss. The old school intimidation factors need to go. Don’t be a scary boss. Be an approachable mentor that people enjoy being around.

Always make sure to emphasize their strengths whenever you need to criticize. Also, if they make a mistake, give them a chance to explain themselves.
3. Offer Flexible Work Arrangements
The growing capabilities of technology make it easy for employees to connect from pretty much anywhere.

This means that many roles can be performed remotely. Consider giving employees the opportunity to work from home. A new survey actually reveals that employees who work from home are happier and more productive.

Also, keep in mind that the ability to always be connected doesn’t mean your employees should always be available.

France just recently passed a law banning work emails and calls after hours. Follow France’s lead and allow employees to disconnect completely at the end of the work day.
4. Offer Career Development Opportunities
Many employees are looking for career advancement.

Obviously, you can’t offer everyone a promotion. But you can offer everyone opportunities to grow their skills. Look into training resources and conferences that will help your employees learn and grow.

Not only will learning new skills increase their satisfaction, it will also make them a far more valuable asset to your company.
5. Implement a Workplace Wellness Program
The results are in- people who workout are happier, healthier, and far less likely to develop anxiety or depression.

Consider offering discounted gym memberships for your employees or offer some other program to incentivize them to work out.
6. Create a Team Environment
Getting support from teammates is frequently cited as a reason people like their workplace. But, you need to cultivate a team atmosphere.

Encourage employees to collaborate. Collective success creates bonds between people.

Treat your company like a team. Be proud of your logo and decorate the office in team colors. Things like logo items can contribute to your team “feel.”

Employee Satisfaction: Bottom Line
Hopefully, this article makes YOU feel better about trying to make your employees feel better.