GSA contracts – points to keep in mind

GSA or General Services Administration Contracts or the MAS or the Multiple Awards Schedules is a system through which government buyers sign contracts with businesses to avail their products or services. The products can vary from office supplies to management services.


Here are some points to note regarding GSA contracts:

Become a GSA contractor: A business has to put out an offer when the contracts are solicited. The procedure followed by GSA is similar – they award contracts to those business establishments which they deem responsible and efficient to carry out the order. They look at the pricing of the products, the discounts that they can give GSA and they will compare it with the discounts given to the customers of the particular business.

GSA gives businesses credibility: When a business bags a GSA contract, it means it is credible, reputed, and has met all the federal regulations. Also, for businesses to get the contract, they have to go through a screening process regarding the quality of their products or services and also that tests their reliability and responsibility. Thus government buyers know that the business having GSA Set aside contracts  can be trusted and the buyers save time in re-screening processes.

Points to note after bagging the GSA contract

Once you get your esteemed GSA contract, you can pave your own success route with the following points:

Focus on few not all: The key mantra to succeed is to do your research and find out the agencies that need your products or services. There will be multiple authorised buyers and hence, it will be difficult to pursue one and all. Once you have marked the buyers, you can limit your marketing to these companies. Thus, you save time and the efforts which otherwise would be spent on those buyers who are not really into your products. By the way, you should start your research and keep the list of the buyers ready as soon as you submit your offer to GSA.

Connect to the buyers: When it comes to government buyers, they are not that keen on taking risks. They will do business only with those they are aware of. That is why, it is necessary to build a relationship with the buyers. Since you have identified the few buyers, try to make a connection. Even if it is a small business they are offering, accept it, as it is only through small pitches that you may eventually land a bigger contract.

It will help gain more partners: Businesses with GSA contracts are usually considered to be reputed and that is why, there is no harm it letting the large companies know of your bagging GSA contract. It is better to have like-minded partners on board when there is a huge order to be fulfilled.

In brief, note that getting awarded a GSA contract is a matter of prestige and trust. That is why, as a business, you should always be on your toes to give your best service. Once you deal with government buyers, it also gives you confidence to do better business in future as well.