How Drinking Affects Workplace Performance

It’s no secret that after a long day of work employees seek a bit of relief with a pint or two. It’s a deserved reward after putting in the hours, but what kind of affects is it having on your body? A few pints after work when you’re already exhausted can have negative effects on the work performance of employees. This is what you need to know before you gulp down your next brew.

Young alcoholic business man drinking whiskey sitting drunk at office with computer holding glass looking depressed wearing loose tie in alcohol addiction problem conceptYoung alcoholic business man drinking whiskey sitting drunk at office with computer h

Night Caps
Late night drinks are often used to expedite the sleeping process. For those too old to count sheep, the option of imbibing on some hard liquor before sleep is an appealing one. If you’re using this as a means to hit the sack quicker, you’re actually using an age old technique that has been proven to make people fall asleep quicker and sleep deeper for a while. So what’s the drawback? A review of 27 studies that sought to learn the effects of alcohol on sleep found that while an imbiber will go to sleep faster they’ll also have reduced rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.

REM sleep is a stage of our slumber that’s believed to be a crucial period in bestowing in us the energy we need to be sound workers. That late night whiskey and coke disrupts REM sleep and in effect causes daytime fatigue, poor concentration, and reduces the overall amount of time you spend sleeping.

Are You Over the Limit
Many may not realise just how many people are still inebriated the morning after a night out drinking. While sleep is one of the best cures for a hangover, time is the most influential factor in determining sobriety. Even though you may have eaten a hardy breakfast and slept a few hours you still may be over the limit the next morning when you get behind the wheel. In fact, in 2011 more people failed breath tests between the hours of 6-11 a.m. than during any other time frame before or after midnight. It’s a no brainer that if you’re pulled over while driving over the limit you’re probably not going to make it to work on time. If you’re asked to appear in court, consult the advice of drink driving solicitors. These mavens of drink driving laws are experts at winning reduced penalties for their clients.

Hungover at Work
Maybe you’re not still intoxicated when you clock in but are still feeling the residual effects of those pints from last night. Working while hungover will slow your pace, create desultory thoughts, affect mood, and make you more fatigued than usual.