How to Buy a Pre-Owned Property in Pune

Pune is a growing city and the town was known for its historical events but is now known as one of the biggest metropolitan cities in India. It is hard to get a new home in the Pune city. You should consider yourself lucky if you even manage to get a new flat in the outskirts of Pune. People from all over India come here for jobs, as it is providing the same in various IT sectors and gold designing industry.

So, if you want to live there and buy a new home, it is suggested, forgetting about the purchase of a land for building your dream home. Even if you manage to find a piece of land in Pune, the price will be out of reach for a common man. Solution? Of course, there is a solution. You can buy a pre-owned property in Pune.

Purchasing a Pre-Owned Property in Pune

There are numerous reasons why people are eager to sell their assets. Few do because they are leaving Pune while few do to solve their monetary issues. Hire a real estate agent and keep in touch with him or her to get the perfect deal of a pre-owned property. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Still, if you get a pre-owned property in your budget, there are few things that you should keep in mind during the process.

Going step by step while buying a pre-owned property is a smart move. There are plenty of Property for sale in Pune, all you need to do just remind yourself few important aspects before you finalise a deal. For checking a property, start from the outside of the home. When the outside parameters look all okay, go inside, and start again.

Tips for Checking outside of the House while Buying Pre-Owned Property in Pune

  •    Check the boundary walls and the outside walls of the home for dampness.
  •    Check the water supply line and see if they are working properly.
  •    Inspect the water supply system carefully and check where the reservoir is situated.
  •    Examine the doors and windows carefully from outside, especially if they are made up of woods.
  •    Walk through the garden carefully. Check for snake holes, waterlogged conditions, etc.  Do not buy the property if you find these types of mess in the backyard.

Tips for Checking inside of the House while Buying Pre-Owned Property in Pune

  •    Inspect carefully for signs of cracks in walls.
  •    Check the paint quality of every wall.
  •    Check the bathroom.
  •    Check sink and kitchen.
  •    Check cupboards.
  •    Go to the roof (if available) and check for any sign of crack
  •    See if there are any broken tiles or marbles in the floor.

So these are the tips that you should apply for buying a property in Pune. Be sure to finalise the deal only if all the parameters are on your side. You can also talk in the neighbourhood to know more about the locality and the home.