Linear Shower Drains – A plethora of benefits

Bathroom décor has undergone a sea change in the past few years, or should say, since a decade. The fact that today most home owners prefer linear shower drains in their bathrooms says much about its usage and advantages. It is because of its multiple advantages that it is one of the most preferred choices for most homes. Conventionally, if there has been just a small, round drain in the bathrooms, today, linear drain is one of the most popular options.

Benefits of Having Linear Shower Drains

It is in sync with the latest technology: With linear shower drains, you can choose to have the best technology as far as shower waterproofing is concerned. The best thing perhaps about the drains is that it looks best in all types of modern bathrooms.

It is as flexible as it can get: Because it is easily adaptable with the bathroom design and can be placed anywhere makes it possible to have a number of choices and options with regards to the shower designs. There are no hard and fast rules regarding the linear shower drains.

It makes the shower experience comfortable and accessible: With linear shower drains, it is possible to have showers without curbs, and it thus allows an accessibility factor to the shower. It means, elderly persons and handicapped users too can use the shower comfortably.

No additional costs: As there are no location constraints for the linear shower drain, you do not need to incur extra plumbing costs. You also do not need much structural modifications as well. Also, these drains are easy to install as well.

The design factor too helps: The versatility of the shower drains also makes for a favourable reason to choose it over other types of drains. A well-installed linear shower drain gives an elegant as well as a chic look to the bathroom. With designs such as that makes the drain appear to blend into the design of the tiles, with LEDs, the colour can be changed and give a great feel and look to your shower.

Easy to maintain: It is quite to keep the linear shower drain clean with the help of just water and soap. Some drains may also have a debris basket that can be removed and cleaning it can prevent clogging. Also, the design is such that it allows a high flow rate.

Choose the best linear shower drain for your shower

Go for the linear drain that adapts to the style you require and get the best quality ones.

You can opt for visible or the unnoticeable ones as you prefer. It will depend on the look that you wish for your bathroom. The unnoticeable shower drain will give a sophisticated look to your bathroom. Let your guests wonder where the water is draining into.

Also, choose the tile of the bathroom keeping the drain in mind. It will give a greater impact to the overall design.

Also note that the linear shower drain will have to very long or it should have enough width so that the water flow is not obstructed. Do find about the size of the shower first.