McCann Health Launches New Consulting Unit

A new consultancy launched by McCann Health is aiming to break the mould of pharma consulting. The two objectives of the new unit, Consulting at McCann Health, are to consolidate the company’s health consulting agencies and to promote fresh thinking in the industry. The reason for calling the new agency Consulting at McCann Health and not McCann Health Consulting is, according to its president Simon Holt, because it is creative and new.


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Consulting at McCann Health

McCann Health’s global chief business strategy officer, Simon Holt, says that seven or eight businesses, including Complete Clarity and Double Helix, will be integrated into Consulting at McCann Health. John Cahill, the global CEO of McCann Health, and Holt were frequently working on complicated pharma problems by creating multi-disciplinary teams within their clinical staffing solutions, and they decided the development of the new consultancy would be advantageous. Many respected consultants have expressed an interest, thus supporting their decision, and current clients have also been very positive about the launch.

What Is Different About the New Agency?

According to PM Live, the new consultancy business will be offering business strategy services with the aim of changing the outlook of pharma companies away from direct product plugging towards a brand strategy that is more holistic. Market access and drug pricing are two of the high-profile issues in which the new agency will specialise.

The company is experienced in clinical staffing solutions, but there will be more to Consulting at McCann Health. It intends to inject new and creative thinking into the industry and focus not just on the launch of a drug but further on in the process. By presenting true-life data collected when the drug has been in the marketplace for 18 months, they will be able to validate their position and pricing in the marketplace.

As well as the traditional staffing solutions, the new agency will also concentrate on assisting pharma businesses to develop not simply as brands that market specific drugs but as companies that are responsible for improving people’s lives. This will be accomplished by linking to the true human stories underlying the brand and the impact it has had on their lives.

McCann’s suite of services will be expanded by this move, and it will be able to engage with its clients in more relevant and meaningful ways.