Should you buy thread cutting tools from Kensuo?

Thread cutting tools are a must have in every household’s tool box. These are used to create or clean strong fastening materials like bolts, nuts, screws and holes. These cutting tools are also referred to as taps and dies. The thread is used to cut the female portion and the die is used to cut the male portion.

Online sellers have been popping out in the World Wide Web and are trying to reach many people who are in need of such materials. One of the most popular sellers of which is Kenuo.

Kenuo is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of thread cutting tools. You may access their website at This review will tell you unique features of their products and services to help you decide whether they are the suitable supplier for your needs.

Variety of products

There are many different kinds of threads used for specific purposes and different types of taps and dies are needed to produce them. Here are the types of taps you can get from Kensuo:

  • Trapezoidal Taps
  • BSW Taps
  • Acme Taps
  • BSP Taps
  • UN Taps
  • Metric Taps
  • NPT Taps
  • Coase shank machine Taps
  • Sprial Flute Taps
  • Short style machine Taps
  • Spiral Point Taps
  • Extrusion Taps

Here are the types of dies you can get from Kensuo:

  • UN Thread Dies
  • NPT Thread Dies
  • BSPT Thread Dies
  • Metric Round Dies

With these many choices that Kensuo offers, you need not look far and wide for the taps and dies that you need. You may ask experts on which one is most suitable for you to use and then turn to Kensuo for an effortless purchase.

High Speed Steel

The products of Kensuo are made of High Speed Steel (HSS), one of the best performing types of steel there is. This will guarantee you tools that have high tolerance to temperature and high resistance. You will not need to worry about damaging your tools when you use them.

However, tools made out of these materials can sometimes be pricey. The important thing then is to evaluate the work you need to get done and think whether it is a good thing to invest in such tools or not.

If you just need it as a tool to fix things inside your house, you may consider buying the carbon steel threading tools. They may not be as resistant to damage, but they can get the job done without you having to spend a lot of money.

Stellar customer service

Aside from the great quality that their products possess, the people behind Kenuo is also known for their promise of great and continuously improving customer service.

You may ask them your queries via phone call or email and they will be able to get back to you in less than six hours. They also deliver quickly because their standard products are always in stock and their custom thread cutting tools are produced fast.