Top Places For Expats To Get Insurance In Singapore

Being an expatriate or expat in Singapore comes with its benefits when looking for health care insurance. Just like the Singapore citizens, expats can also get government subsidies when it comes to health care services. According to One Visa Singapore attendants, Singapore is one of the countries with cheap and affordable insurance covers in the region. If you are an expat, you probably wonder where you can get a reliable insurance. This publication, therefore, will highlight such insights.

How expats insurance works in Singapore

According to sources, expats in Singapore do get an insurance in health care either by paying for it or through their employer. One will need to have a valid plan of the same and luckily, this works in most hospitals and health care services.

New expat plans

As a concern raised by many clients who are applying for health insurance plans, the major insurance providers are now offering an option to pick only the services one want. Traditionally, the plan was standard whether you need everything or not. Therefore, the current plan is also known as ‘mix and match’ is a cost saving strategy for those who want only a few services.

In fact, they offer global select plans cater for annual excess that extends to other regions like Europe, America and many others in the world.

How the coverage looks like

The entry and mid level coverages are almost equally detailed services like consultants, medical doctors, and other types of services. The beauty of using these covers is affordability yet covering numerous of common challenges that face people on a day to day lives.

When it comes to the comprehensive covers, expats can enjoy a wide selection of premier international covers and a higher limit. They also include the dental care resulting from accidental injuries as well as the visions covers.

The medical international

This cover has gone online according to the latest news.It is an international level cover and will give services based on the time limit. Therefore, it is convenient for expats who want to stay in Singapore for a specific period. Further, it gives services based on whether the expats are students or business people. Most expats in Singapore are there for business, hence, this is a convenient plan they do enjoy.

This plan has numerous benefits which range from cancer treatment, chronic diseases, blood-related illnesses and cardio problems just to mention but a few.

Cigna global health benefits

Short term expats and their families are better off with these insurance plans. They are covered to access various health care services as well many other. If you want to purchase this plan, you can find it online with ease. Since it is designed for groups and families, Cigna plans to roll out a plan where it can be achieved through the employer.

With such a plan you can also expect concierge and travel assistance, coordination of emergency travel to a new location and much more. People who wish to have an emergency medical cover can also go for this plan.