Helpful Carpet cleaning Tips: How to Care for your Carpet

Carpet can really make a difference to the look and feel of a room. There are a lot of advantages in having carpet, which is why a lot of people use it in their homes. Carpet can make a room warmer and accommodating and can also make it look more appealing. Aside from aesthetics, carpet also helps with safety as it protects your family from accidentally slipping on the floor.

Unfortunately, carpet does have its downside. It can be a challenge when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Carpet can accumulate dust and dirt over time and acquire stains from food and drink spills that can be a nightmare to get out.

If you have carpet at home then keeping it clean can surely be one of your troubles. You don’t need to worry though as there are ways to help make cleaning your carpet a little less problematic. Here are some helpful carpet cleaning tips that you can use in your home.

· Dust can accumulate very quickly in your carpet so regular and proper vacuuming is essential. Even if the carpet looks clean it may still contain a lot of dirt and soil. Try to vacuum your carpet once or twice a week to avoid dust and dirt build up. When you vacuum, make sure to pay more attention to areas that are commonly used, as dirt build up may be concentrated there.

· Another great technique for keeping your carpet clean is steam cleaning (or hot water extraction). This method involves renting a steam cleaning unit from a local hardware store or cleaning supply company. The basics involve spraying a solution of detergent mixed with hot water onto your carpet and then using the machine for extraction. This will remove deep seeded dirt and soil that can’t be removed by ordinary vacuuming.

· Moving your furniture around once in a while is another helpful carpet maintenance tip. It may sound like a task but moving around your furniture helps avoid those dents in your carpet that can occur from the furniture legs. You don’t have to totally rearrange a room. Just moving an item a few inches to allow the dents to naturally fluff back up is really all that is necessary.

· Having your carpet professionally cleaned regularly is also a great way to keep your carpet looking new. Professional cleaners have expert knowledge in carpet care and can clean your carpet correctly and thoroughly. Carpet experts recommend having your carpet cleaned by a professional at least once per year.