This Diwali Buy your Dream House with Exciting Home Loan Offers

Diwali is a great time to initiate the process of home purchase and you can do so with Bajaj Finserv Home Loan offer this upcoming festive season. The auspicious occasion of Diwali is considered a good time to acquire new possessions like a house or jewelry. Real estate developers and financial institutions also offer special schemes to attract customers. Diwali offer on Home Loan can help you secure a loan at less cost in terms of interest rates and other fees and charges.


Home Loans and Festival offers

The festive season will continue till December-January. All shops offer discounts and sales during this time of the year to encourage their customers to buy more. The real estate developers are not different and offer special discounts and flexible payment schemes to allure home buyers.

You can start by looking online for apartments in your preferred location and short listing them in terms of floor space, design, ease of access, and amenities. Price is something you don’t need to worry about as Bajaj Finserv is offering some of the best Home Loan schemes in the industry. Check their latest Home Loan offers for more detail.

With one of the lowest interest rates on Home Loan this season, Bajaj Finserv is a great choice. You can apply online for the loan and save yourself a lot of time. You can submit the documents online too. Check the loan eligibility to reduce the chances of rejection. Bajaj Finserv offers instant approval—once approved, your loan gets disbursed in less than 72 hours.

Bajaj Finserv offers special services to customers, like Property Dossier and Property Searches. Let’s have a look at them in detail.

Property Dossier

This is a detailed report that deals with the various legal and technical issues involved in buying and owning a property. It contains the legal report outlining the title flow of the property, and the valuation report containing the current market value of the property. Both these are accompanied by expert opinions on various aspects.

This dossier also includes credit checks on the property (CIBIL report and CERSEI check report) which help clarify that there are no encumbrances on the property that could lead to legal wrangles in the future.

The Market Dynamics report is an analysis of the current worth of the property, the price trends in that area, potential for value appreciation in the future etc.

Property search

This service helps the customer identify a good residential property that suits their needs and budget.

The financial fitness report

This service provides the customer with a crisp and concise credit report, with their credit score, explanation of the different facets of a credit report, tips to maintain a good credit score, and also tips to improve a poor score.

Other features

Bajaj Finserv Home Loans offer flexibility and ease of access to additional features like part prepayment with no penalties, top-up loans after a few EMIs have been paid, and nil foreclosure charges to name only a few. The Flexi Loan feature allows you to park spare cash in a linked account. This amount helps reduce principal amount for interest calculation, thus saving you a lot on the loan cost.

Make sure to compare factors like interest rates, fees, and charges while shopping for a loan. Use a Home Loan calculator online to find how much EMI you can afford and fix your budget. Get your own home this Diwali, apply for Home Loan from Bajaj Finserv today. Use BFL’s value added services to make your loan application and property finding process easier and celebrate the Festival of Lights in your new home.

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